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Ethan P.

“I’ve tried numerous workout apps, but WODBumP stands out for how quick and easy it is to track your WODs”

Emma S.

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  • Get Your Workout Card Deck 👊
Comes With:
52 Functional Fitness Workouts
3 Stickers
1 Bracelet
Each workout card has a QR code that opens the workout timer in the WODBumP app. Complete the workout and log your score into your journal.
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  • 52 Functional fitness workouts in a card deck!

Pull any card from the deck, complete the workout and get fit!

4 Categories:
👉 Hero WODs
👉 CF Girls
👉 Bodyweight (Great For Travel)
👉 Functional Fitness

  • Workout Cards are in!
Order your deck of 52 Functional Fitness workouts

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As part of the Workout Deck launch, I will be giving away 5 decks to 5 lucky winners!

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  • I’m super excited to announce that WODBumP is releasing a functional fitness workout card deck. 

Every card seamlessly integrates into the WODBumP app for workout timers and score tracking!

52 Functional Fitness Workouts

4 Categories (including equipment free!)

Pre-order your deck now and use code “WODBumP30” for a 30% discount! But hurry - that discount will only work on the first 100 orders