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“WODBumP is a fantastic app for CrossFit enthusiasts.”

Sam L.

“I now spend more time working out, and less time writing in my notebook. WODBumP has made my fitness life easier!”

Ethan P.

“I’ve tried numerous workout apps, but WODBumP stands out for how quick and easy it is to track your WODs”

Emma S.

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  • Fun Partner WOD!
7 Burpees
6/4 calorie Assault bike
3 DB Hang Clean-and-Jerks R
3 DB Hang Clean-and-Jerks L


Switch after each round

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The Story behind WODBumP 👇
WODBumP started as a sketch in my high school notebook when I was living in Costa Rica. I was training out on my porch in the jungle with limited equipment and space.

I was following the CompTrain workouts to the best of my equipment availability, and also mixing in some WODs from one of my coaches who lived a few hours away.

Using the notes app on my iPhone, I was tracking all my workouts and scores. It soon became a hassle when I wanted to find what I did on a certain day, or even what 70% of my back squat was.

The idea for WODBumP came as the solution to my training problems — a simple yet effective way to store all my training, results, and PR’s.

After several designs and a bunch of changes, the very first version of WODBumP was created. Over the next few years, I slowly improved and changed the app to be what it is today. I fully believe to create an amazing product you must also use it regularly yourself. So I have been tracking all my WODs and PR’s in WODBumP throughout the last 6 months of its trial phase. 

Now it is time to give the app to you! A fellow CrossFitter who can enjoy (and use) the simplicity yet functionality of WODBumP!

— Eliah SolRae

🙏🏻 P.S. If you read this far I would greatly appreciate any support with sharing/commenting/liking this post so that we can get this app into the hands of athletes who will use it!

⏳ P.P.S. If you're interested in trying WODBumP, comment "WODBumP" on this post and I'll DM you a 6-month Pro membership!

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  • Almost all competitive athletes of any sport use a notebook or app to track and log their workouts. 

What's stopping you from training like an elite athlete?


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