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  • Almost all competitive athletes of any sport use a notebook or app to track and log their workouts. 

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  • Triplet
AMRAP 5, Rest 2, X4
20 Wall Balls
10 Power Snatch @ 75
20Cal Row


#crossfit #hwpo #WOD
  • My favorite benchmark WOD has to be “Death Race”
5 Rounds for Time
15/10 calorie Assault Bike
10 Burpees

Comment your favorite benchmark WOD 🔥 
#WODBumP #crossfit #crossfitgames
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🔥 We just did this Chipper in WODBumP👇:

10 sandbag cleans @ 100
20Cal bike
20 toes to bar
20Cal bike
30 hang power snatch @ 75
20Cal bike
100 double unders - every break = 5 burpees
20Cal bike
30 hang power snatch @ 75
20Cal bike
20 toes to bar
20Cal bike
10 sandbag cleans @ 100
20Cal bike

Team #WODBumP 

Athlete @mayeliho
  • What is WODBumP in 15 ⏱️ seconds or less?

➡️ Create any WOD or training piece

➡️ PR Tracker with graphing for historical results

➡️ AMRAP, EMOM, For Time, and Interval timers with round counters

➡️ Workout link sharing. Share any workout you create directly with other athletes or friends so they can do the same workout with the same timers

➡️ Workout Goals. Set a goal for how many workouts you want to complete in 30 days, and we will hold you to it!